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Connecting People and Enriching Lives through Video

April 9, 2021 – JOYY, a Chinese video-based social platform founded in April 2005 aims at two core strategies, “Globalization” and “Artificial Intelligence.” [ … ]

Snap Forever Changes the Face of  Venice  Beach into the “Silicon Beach Tech Hub”

February 17, 2021 – Stanford University students Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown started Snapchat Inc. in September 2011. Today, they all hold executive roles [ … ]

Chinese Companies Continue Rapidly Adopting Open Source

November 6, 2020 – Nowhere is there more growth in utilization, adoption and integration of open source code than China over the last 5-6 years. [ … ]

Dropbox Joins the Open Source Ecosystem

November 26, 2013Dropbox provides a modern, cloud-based workspace and file hosting service, offering cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud [ … ]

Early 1990s Internet Pioneer, Yahoo! Joins Our Open Source Community

As a well-known user of — and contributor to — open source projects, Yahoo! is an American web services provider headquartered [ … ]

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