Established in 2005, Open Invention Network (OIN) is the world’s largest patent non-aggression community and free defensive patent pool.

We remove patent friction in core Open Source technologies, which drives higher levels of innovation. Open Source Software (OSS) distills the collective intelligence of a global community.


We enable freedom of action for Open Invention Network community members and users of Linux/OSS-based technology through our patent non-aggression, cross-license in the Linux System, which defines the commitment of all community members.

We will continue to grow our worldwide membership and the Linux System over time.


We will execute our mission by growing our community membership and engaging with companies of all types — from start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprises — across diverse industries.

We will continue updating the Linux System through a conservative, consensus-driven process to keep up with technological advances.

We will actively monitor for patent-related threats to Linux and adjacent Open Source technologies and encourage open source community Intellectual Property (IP)-related initiatives.

We will continue to promote and educate our community on complementary defensive IP strategies and support key Open Source projects.

Facts at a Glance Info Sheet
Welcome to our Newest Members!

WSO2 | OIN Community Member
FoxConn | OIN Community Member
Muratec Machinery | OIN Community Member
The Home Depot | OIN Community Member
Horiba | OIN Community Member
Formosa Plastics | OIN Community Member
Newlink | OIN Community Member

KDDI is committed to offering high-quality telecommunication service and a variety of IoT service, including vehicle telematics, smart meters and others. Linux and open source are critical elements in technologies which we are developing aimed at such services. By joining the Open Invention Network, we are demonstrating our continued commitment to innovation, and supporting it with patent non-aggression in Linux.  
Hiroshi KawanaGeneral Manager of Intellectual Property DepartmentKDDI

Key Linux System Applications




Fedora Directory Server




















Our CEO, Keith Bergelt, in coordination with our Board of Directors — who are senior executives from OIN’s Funding Members — oversee the organization’s strategies, policies, decisions and activities.

Funding Members

Philips | OIN Community Member

What We Do

  • Deliver royalty-free access to the Linux System patents of our community members through cross- licensing commitments

  • Leverage our relationships to collect and share prior art to help OIN community members defend themselves. We’ve assisted members with over 65 cases.

  • Unified Patents Open Source Zone challenged 50 Patents with excellent success. OIN, IBM, Microsoft & the Linux Foundation funded the zone 3 years ago & have since been joined by Meta & Mercedes-Benz.

  • Deliver royalty-free access to Linux System patents in a community that owns more than 2.8 million patents and applications in total.

  • Support key Open Source projects including Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), Hyperledger, Open Container Initiative (OCI), LF Networking Fund (Open Daylight, ONAP, OPNFV & others), LF Energy & Open Charge Alliance.

  • By enabling OSS, we advance the collective intelligence of a global community, promoting greater diversity of thought, perspective and talent.

  • Protect against & mitigate patent litigation risks for our members, as well as protect Open Source through patent collaboration.

  • Provide access to an exclusive OIN Community Member insignia & feature new members on our website under Recent Members.

  • Provide INSIDER — a bi-monthly eNewsletter that not only keep you informed about OIN & Open Source news around the world, but also features OIN member news.

  • OIN’s online sphere of influence reaches over 4,000 individuals & companies.

By the Numbers

members strong

From start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations

2.8 million+

patents and applications

Our community owns 2.8 million+ patents & applications in total.

global patents and applications

Included in our broad scope patent portfolio

$100 million

in defensive patents

Acquired in support of the OIN and open source communities



Core Linux and Open Source Software packages in the Linux System

Member Benefits

  • Membership publicly demonstrates Open Source & patent non-aggression advocacy

  • Lifetime Membership is FREE without entry barrier

  • Get INSIDER, OIN’s bi-monthly eNewsletter, to stay in-the-know

  • Patent cross license in 3,700+ Linux and core Open source technology packages

  • Patent peace in a community which owns 2.8 million+ patents & applications in total

  • Members become part of a global, Open Source network of 3,900 from start-ups to Fortunate 100 firms

  • Membership is available to ALL Open Source advocates ­­­— business & individuals

  • Everyone signs the same agreement terms

  • Holding patents in the Linux System is not required

  • You get the opportunity to network with our rapidly-growing community members

  • OIN leverages our industry relationships to collect & share prior art as needed

  • OIN challenges patent applications as appropriate

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Membership is FREE and the process is simple. We welcome all individuals & companies who advocate for Open Source and are focused on reducing risk from the threats of patent aggressors.

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