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More than 3,600+ organizations from startups to global Fortune 500 enterprises — from over 150 countries, across all industries — have joined Open Invention Network — the world’s largest patent non-aggression community in history — since 2015.

At Open Invention Network (OIN), we stand with the Open Source community on improving software supply chain security through process improvement, mindset shifts, and the investment of dedicated resources. Open Source Security is an area that must be an important priority for everyone that develops or uses Open Source, and that is all of us.

Open Source Software Security: A Growing Global Concern | OIN Whitepaper
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In this whitepaper we explore the different ways several of OIN’s enterprise members are integrating blockchain in their global and everyday operations, consumer products and customer services. We also examine how they are influencing the industry and contributing to future applications.

Blockchain Technology Whitepaper | Download
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Learn more about a new generation of enterprises that are increasing their engagement and embracing Open Source, how Open Source is driving a new wave of global banks and financial service firms to join our community and 13 ways Open Source benefits the world of fintech.

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