OIN’s portfolio consists of 74 global patents and applications.

In addition to the Linux System community cross-license (in a community which owns over 2.8 million patents and applications in total), OIN also purchases and develops our own strategic portfolio. In other words, members also gain royalty-free access to 74 OIN-owned patents and applications across various technology segments and geographies.

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Marsh McLennan | OIN Community Member
PNC Bank | OIN Community Member
WSO2 | OIN Community Member
FoxConn | OIN Community Member

By fostering the largest patent non-aggression community in history, OIN has protected core Linux and a broad array of FOSS technologies from patent aggression. We have worked together for the past 15 years, with the goal that FOSS would grow unimpeded by patent risks, and we have largely succeeded.  OIN has made a transformational difference.  I look forward to working with Keith and OIN as it creatively faces new challenges in the next decade.  
Eben MoglenDirector-Counsel & ChairmanSoftware Freedom Law Center

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