Open Source is driving the future of automotive.

An estimated 76.3 million vehicles will have Internet access and onboard modems to communicate with external systems by 2023. (International Data Corporation)

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Whether or not you know it, Open Source is running your car.

The automotive industry was an early adopter of Open Source and one that saw the benefits of reducing costs, accelerating development, introducing new features and even differentiating brands.

Today, vehicles are becoming mobile tech devices. In other words, automakers are becoming software companies. They realize Open Source is here today, here to stay and fundamental for the future. Linux — a family of Open Source Operating Systems — is paving the road for advancements we never envisioned and helping them become reality. Who would have imagined cars would stream music from the cloud, allow hands-free phone calls, offer infotainment systems, provide real time traffic information, monitor speed and track fuel efficiency? Chances are, you have Linux under your hood. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Great Wall Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Renault, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota and other manufacturers throughout the world are using Open Source Software (OSS) and/or Open Source Hardware (OSH) in one way or another.

A key open source project for the industry is Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). A collaborative Open Source project at the Linux Foundation, AGL brings together global automakers, suppliers, developers and tech companies to accelerate the progress and adoption of the connected car through a fully open, shared software platform. Linux is also fueling innovation for the future — Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), digital cockpits, vehicle electrification and eventually
self-driving cars.

Knowing  the Open Source community is — and will continue — delivering technology advances to promote competition, foster growth and meet consumer desires, a growing number of automotive industry frontrunners are publicly demonstrating their commitment to both Open Source and Patent Non-Aggression by joining our community.

Here are some interesting facts about some of our automotive members and Open Source:

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Hyundai | OIN Member

Hyundai’s Open Data Platform gathers data — such as cumulative distance traveled, fuel usage patterns and driving habits — from consumers who drive its connected cars to add value to customer experiences

Suburu Logo

The Subaru Outback and Legacy use Open Source Software (OSS) from AGL

Daimler | OIN Member

Self-driving car prototypes from Daimler and Ford, among others, have released datasets under open licenses

Groupe Renault | OIN Member

French carmaker Renault claims it created the “world’s 1st Open Source mass-market vehicle” introduced in 2017 as the POM (Platform Open Mind) which is a Twizy ultracompact Electronic Vehicle (EV) that runs on OSS

Toyota | OIN Member

The 2018 Toyota Camry became the 1st production vehicle in the United States to use AGL in its infotainment system

Mercedes Benz

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz vans use AGL for its new onboard operating system for its commercial vehicles

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Toyota Industries Group | OIN Community Member
Rivian | OIN Member
Tokai Rika | OIN Member
Volvo | OIN Member
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SAIC | OIN Member
Great Wall

What Our Automotive Members Say

Hyundai Kia Motors are both committed to offering the highest-quality, intelligent vehicle platforms that leverage Linux and open source technologies. By joining the Open Invention Network, we will use the opportunity to further develop its infotainment platform. Moreover, we will help to ensure the ongoing development of open solutions that stimulate growth in the automotive industry.  
Eon Youl ShinDirector of Intellectual Property Development GroupHyundai Motor Company