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Open Source Software (OSS) powers the Internet and most of the world’s cloud computer structure. It is so prevalent, more than 90% of Information Technology (IT) organizations across the globe rely on Open Source, according to Gartner.

As Open Source continues revolutionizing the future, non-traditional industries — including automotive, energy, fintech, government, industrials, semiconductor, telecom and retail — are also realizing the importance of and embracing the advantages of open source.At the same time disruptive technologies — such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and blockchain — are increasingly becoming part of the world’s digital transformation. To stay ahead of the innovation curve and remain competitive, open source has become an essential foundation for all companies.

In addition, excellent customer service and accessibility to innovative technologies are expected. To meet these demands, businesses are shifting software development efforts away from traditional methods to open source. In the future, it will be part of just about everything. As a result, the need for businesses — of all sizes and types — to devote more money and dedicated more resources toward open-source projects will continue to increase.

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Having OpenStack in the core of our product, FishOS,  we highly appreciate the value and importance of shared knowledge, experience, and technology of open source communities. Joining OIN emphasizes our commitment to developing and distributing open source technology. Thanks to expertise, software companies can mitigate the global patent risk to open source software like FishOS for all the market players – developers, vendors, customers, and end-users.
Kenneth TanCEO, Sardina Systems