OIN Enables Open Source & Reduces Patent Risks

Core Benefits of OIN’s Free Membership

Global Competitive Advantage

“No Fly” Linux Operation Zone

Shared Member Patent Pool

Defensive Patent Pool

Like Minds / Shared Values

Reduced Intellectual Property & Patent Infringement Risks

Additional Intellectual Property & Patent Support

Public Advocacy

Forward Thinking Network

Zero Point-of-Entry

Enables Open Source

Levels the Playing Field

Minimizes & Protects Legal Risks

Supports Patent Non-Aggression

Benefits of Open Source

New, Scalable Technologies

Expands Transparency & Openness

Fosters Faster Innovation

Digital Transformation

Modern Day, Best-of-Breed Development Platform

Worldwide Talent

Streamlined Operations

Increased Consumer Trust

Way to Stay in the Game

Minimizes Contract Commitments

Proven Success Formula

New Products & Services

Current Technological Landscape

Increased Time-to-Market

Reduces Learning Curves

Improved Customer Service

Easier Collaboration

Embraces Agile & Rapid Changes


Lower Costs

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Cultural Norm

De-Facto Standard