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Shopify Joins Patent Non-Aggression Network as Competition with Amazon Heats Up

May 6, 2021betakit — a Canadian start-up news and tech innovation publication — takes a different angle on the news that Shopify has joined OIN. Over the last few years, Shopify has been [ … ]

Shopify Joins Linux Patent Claims Initiative

May 5. 2021  — OpenNet in Russia covers the news that Shopify, which has developed one of the largest eCommerce platforms for payments and sales in convenience and online stores, has announced it is now [ … ]

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Shopify Joins OIN, the Largest Patent Non-Aggression Community in History

May 4, 2021 — In looking to ensure that its Open Source-based code used in eCommerce environments is protected from patent aggressors, Shopify has joined Open Invention Network. Tech Company News covers the story explaining [ … ]

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eCommerce company Shopify joins Open Invention Network

May 4, 2021 The Patent Lawyer Magazine reports Shopify — one of the largest global commerce platforms that provides tools to start, grow and manage a retail business of any size — has joined [ … ]

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Shopify Joins OIN in Further Sign of Canadian Tech Giant’s Growing Patent Focus

May 4, 2021 —  Open Invention Network is adding another big tech name to our roster. Canadian company Shopify has joined OIN, becoming another eCommerce to sign-up with the defensive patent operator. IAM covers the [ … ]

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Shopify Joins Open Invention Network Linux Patent Protection Group

May 4, 2021 — ZDNet breaks news with Shopify’s announcement the global eCommerce company is joining Open Invention Network. With eCommerce tools based around Ruby on Rails, it only made sense for Shopify to protect [ … ]

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Inspur Continues Its Commitment to Innovation

April 14, 2021 —  Inspur is reinforcing its commitment to Open Source Software (OSS) as an enabler of advanced infrastructure computing systems by joining Open Invention Network, reports The Patent Lawyer Magazine. Inspur is a leading provider of [ … ]

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Inspur Joins Open Invention Network

April 14, 2021 — Inspur, a Chinese-based provider of data center infrastructure, cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, has joined OIN and OpenSourceForU covers the announcement.

“Linux is rewriting what is possible in infrastructure computing. OSS-based cloud computing [ … ]

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Inspur, China’s Largest Cloud Hardware Vendor, Joins OIN’s Patent Protection Consortium

April 13, 2021 — As a leading server company, almost all of Inspur’s work is with Linux and Open Source Software (OSS). So, it only makes sense for Inspur — China’s leading data service provider — [ … ]

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Inspur — A Leading Global Server Manufacturer in China — Joins OIN

April 13, 2021Tech Company magazine shares the story about how Inspur is reinforcing its commitment to Open Source Software (OSS) as an enabler of advanced infrastructure computing systems. “Inspur is committed to offering [ … ]

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Open Invention Network Protects Innovation in Fintech & Mitigates Risks

March 10, 2021The Fintech Times published an article about how OIN protects innovation specifically for the Banking and Financial Services industry. Keith Bergelt, OIN’s CEO, discusses potential patent issues in fintech, as well [ … ]

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Two Big Banks Join OIN to Combat Patent Assertion Entities

February 21, 2021 — Christine Hall, a reporter with ITPro Today, writes how patents are considered to be Linux’s and Open Source’s greatest Intellectual Property (IP) vulnerability. Patent trolls are on the rise and gaining attention [ … ]

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