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The Open Source Software (OSS) market is projected to reach over $75 billion by 2031. But software requires infrastructure to exist.

Technology & software stand hand in hand as a dynamic duo pushing the boundaries of what is achievable. Technology without software is a dormant powerhouse. Software without technology is a brilliant idea left unmanifested — a digital yin and yang that propels us into new frontiers of possibility. Consider, if you will, the invisible threads woven between lines of code and the robust canvas upon which they unfold. Software —  the virtuoso architect of digital dreams — discovers its truest expression when paired with the right platform, the stage upon which it performs its symphony of capabilities.

Open — once synonymous with the realm of Open Source Software (OSS) — is spreading its wings into the hardware domain. The impact of this shift is profound, as it marks a departure from the traditional closed-door approach in hardware development to an open framework — the same model that has fueled the OSS movement.

This evolution not only democratizes access to cutting-edge hardware designs but fosters a collaborative, global ecosystem where collective intelligence propels progress. As the concept of Open Source Hardware (OSH) gains momentum – coupled with Open Source Software (OSS) —the world of innovation in tandem with patent non-aggression opens doors to limitless possibilities.

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Buffalo Technology | OIN Community Member

Printer buffers became a touchstone for Melco Holdings — a family business founded in 1975 — to enter the PC industry back in the day. The Japanese company changed its name to BUFFALO in 2003 derived from the PC peripheral device — the printer buffer. Since then, BUFFALO has become a major brand in the computer industry & is known as a global manufacturer of innovative storage and networking products for home and small business, including data recovery services, digital appliances & PC peripherals. It has created many of the world’s 1st products, among them a Wi-Fi-connected portable Hard Disk Drive (HDD) supporting Digital Transmission Content Protection Internet Protocol (DTCP-IP) in 2014; an ultra-high-speed USB memory equipped with an auto return mechanism in 2013, and a wireless LAN router equipped with Power Line Communication (PLC) in 2012.

LG Electronics | OIN Community Member

LG Electronics, Inc is a South Korean multinational electronics company & the world’s 2nd largest TV manufacturer behind Samsung with 128 operations worldwide and 83,000+ employees. LG creates consumer electronics, appliances and mobile devices designed to help customers connect with others. From cooking, sharing photos, watching movies, or simply staying connected on-the-go, LG products offer innovative solutions for residential homes, automotive vehicles, mobile communications and businesses.

NEC | OIN Community Member

Backed by over 120 years of innovation and experience, NEC knows what it takes to change and stay ahead of technology’s continuous evolution. In 1958 it debuted its 1st computer. In 1964, it released the 1st transpacific TV broadcast of the Tokyo Olympic games. In 2007, it introduced its Biometrics division and ranked 1st for fingerprint & face recognition. In 2018, it completed construction of the worlds 1st South Atlantic Cable System (SACS). Today, NEC sales products and provides services to customers in over 50 countries; employs 100,000+ people, including 1,000 researchers; holds approximately 47,000 patents & owns 300+ subsidiaries.

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Open source platforms enable the rapid deployment of advanced computing, storage and communications solutions. We recognize the value in shared innovation, a fundamental characteristic of open source communities. OIN membership is strategically important for YADRO in terms of patents management, R&D, marketing, and overall company reputation. Our participation in the OIN community demonstrates our commitment to support collaborative technology development and the ongoing success of the open source software model.
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