November 6, 2020 – Nowhere is there more growth in utilization, adoption and integration of open source code than China over the last 5-6 years. China is moving in the direction of understanding and adopting at all levels – not just the large companies, but start-up and young companies – and open source innovation is important to their continued growth.

Baidu has joined OIN and is another example. Founded in 2000, Baidu is the largest Chinese language search engine, one of the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies in the world, an active supporter of open source and an important contributor of global open source technology.

The company ranked 4th on the list of the top Five Global AI companies by Harvard Business Review in 2019 and is the only company on the list in China. The company is committed to promoting the rapid development of AI through an open source platform and facilitating industrial transformation.

Among Baidu’s products and services are PaddlePaddle — the only independent Research & Development (R&D) deep learning platform in China — which has been officially open-sourced to professional communities since 2016. DuerOS — as an open operating system — has released an open platform, built a voice ecosystem and provided support for third-party integration. Baidu Cloud primarily provides AI solutions, cloud infrastructure and other services to enterprises and individuals. Apollo, as the world’s largest open-source autonomous driving platform, supports commercial production of autonomous driving vehicles and incorporates autonomous driving.