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Open Source is changing the Information Technology (IT) & Services industry.

Companies are rapidly adopting cloud computing and seeking heightened digital security. Big brands are investing significantly into Open Source Software (OSS) to increase the pace of innovation. Compatible Open Source technologies continue emerging and maturing, becoming more accessible to businesses. Hyper-mobile workers continue demanding high performance, optimum user experiences, speed, collaboration and modernization.

Since OIN was established in 2005, our mission has never wavered. We enable freedom of action for our community members and users of Linux/OSS-based technology through our unique cross-licensing model.  We are also dedicated to growing our international community membership and the Linux System over time, strengthening our patent non-aggression coverage through the power of the network effect.

Here are some of our IT & Services’ community members who rely on Open Source and support patent non-aggression, leading the way to a new future.

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What Our Information Technology & Services Members Say

This move (regarding Huawei’s OIN membership demonstrates that joining OIN has become a no-brainer for any product company. Setting aside the patent trolls, who would never have an incentive to join, no one is asserting patents against Linux anymore. Waging a patent war against a popular open-source project like Linux is bad for business. Of course, the OIN definition of Linux is far broader than the kernel. Even so, the OIN pool protects the basic infrastructure of the web, and no serious product company has an interest in disrupting it. That would be like sabotaging the roads we all drive on.  
Heather MeekerPartnerO'Melveny & Myers