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Two Big Banks Join OIN to Combat Patent Assertion Entities

February 21, 2021 — Christine Hall, a reporter with ITPro Today, writes how patents are considered to be Linux’s and Open Source’s greatest Intellectual Property (IP) [ … ]

Banks Signal New Anti-Patent Troll Strategies

February 17, 2021 —  Within two days of each other, two major banks, United Kingdom-based Barclays and Canada-based TD Bank announced they joined the OIN [ … ]

Barclays Deepens Fight Against Patent Trolls

February 17, 2021 — Payment Expert’s article writes the climate for fraud has elevated as global economies continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic and consumer habits [ … ]

Barclays Joins OIN, Taking A Stand Against Patent Trolls

February 17, 2021  — Retail Bank International covers breaking news that mega bank Barclays has joined our community. “Spurious claims from Patent Assertion Entities divert [ … ]

Top Banks Join Linux and Open Source Patent Protection Group

February 15, 2021 —  It’s no surprise that the number of patent infringement suits filed by patent trolls continues to rapidly increase. Read ZDNet’s article [ … ]

Barclays and TD Bank Group Join SMFG and Other FinTech OIN Members

February 15, 2021 — The Patent Invention Magazine covers how banks are increasingly adopting Open Source to improve customer service and deliver new products and [ … ]

Wells Fargo Patent Troll Case has the Finance World All Aquiver so Barclays, TD Bank Sign Up to OIN

February 15, 2021 — Banks are increasingly taken a modern approach to technology, which includes the development and use of Open Source Software. Barclays and [ … ]

The Toronto-Dominion Bank Announces its OIN Membership

February 15, 2021 — The banking and fintech industries are figuring out how to leverage Open Source as one of the best technologies to build, [ … ]

Barclays Joins LOT Network and Open Invention Network Community

This is a reposting of a Barclays press release.  The original press release is available here.

Barclays takes action against attacks from patent trolls

(February 16, [ … ]

OIN’s Evolving Linux System Definition

January 20, 2021The Patent Invention Magazine covers our 15th anniversary celebration and our commitment to protecting the greater Open Source community. In addition, [ … ]

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