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Shopify Joins Patent Non-Aggression Network as Competition with Amazon Heats Up

May 6, 2021betakit — a Canadian start-up news and tech innovation publication — takes a different angle on the news that Shopify has [ … ]

Shopify Joins Linux Patent Claims Initiative

May 5. 2021  — OpenNet in Russia covers the news that Shopify, which has developed one of the largest eCommerce platforms for payments and sales [ … ]

Shopify Joins OIN, the Largest Patent Non-Aggression Community in History

May 4, 2021 — In looking to ensure that its Open Source-based code used in eCommerce environments is protected from patent aggressors, Shopify has joined [ … ]

eCommerce company Shopify joins Open Invention Network

May 4, 2021 The Patent Lawyer Magazine reports Shopify — one of the largest global commerce platforms that provides tools to start, grow and [ … ]

Shopify Joins OIN in Further Sign of Canadian Tech Giant’s Growing Patent Focus

May 4, 2021 —  Open Invention Network is adding another big tech name to our roster. Canadian company Shopify has joined OIN, becoming another eCommerce [ … ]

Shopify Joins Open Invention Network Linux Patent Protection Group

May 4, 2021 — ZDNet breaks news with Shopify’s announcement the global eCommerce company is joining Open Invention Network. With eCommerce tools based around Ruby [ … ]

Inspur Continues Its Commitment to Innovation

April 14, 2021 —  Inspur is reinforcing its commitment to Open Source Software (OSS) as an enabler of advanced infrastructure computing systems by joining Open Invention Network, [ … ]

Inspur Joins Open Invention Network

April 14, 2021 — Inspur, a Chinese-based provider of data center infrastructure, cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, has joined OIN and OpenSourceForU covers the announcement.

“Linux is [ … ]

Inspur, China’s Largest Cloud Hardware Vendor, Joins OIN’s Patent Protection Consortium

April 13, 2021 — As a leading server company, almost all of Inspur’s work is with Linux and Open Source Software (OSS). So, it only [ … ]

Inspur — A Leading Global Server Manufacturer in China — Joins OIN

April 13, 2021Tech Company magazine shares the story about how Inspur is reinforcing its commitment to Open Source Software (OSS) as an enabler [ … ]

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