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Open Source Litigation from PAEs Continues to Climb

June 9, 2022 — Unified Patents’ Weekly Newsletter publishes the results of an in-depth “2022 Litigation Update” defending Open Source that states there is [ … ]

OIN Study Reveals Financial Institutions Are a Key Target for Patent Assertion Entities

June 26. 2022 — OIN headlines make IAM’s Sunday Digest. New research indicates Open Source assertions against banks and Financial Services increased 100% between 2020 and 2021. The study [ … ]

RBC Joins OIN – Financial Services Industry Faces Looming Threats of Patent Trolls

 June 21, 2022 —  The presence of patent trolls is fast becoming a serious problem in Fintech, and the worst may yet to [ … ]

Patent Assertion Entity Activity in FinTech Surges; RBC Joins OIN

June 21, 2022 —  New research — including that based on data from RPX and Unified Patents — indicates an unprecedented wave of [ … ]

RBC Joins OIN as Patent Assertion Entity Activity in FinTech Expands

June 21, 2022 — Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) joins OIN. The largest bank in Canada, RBC serves over 16 million clients with [ … ]

Patent Trolls Target U.S. Banks

May 17, 2022 — NIKKEI Financial takes a deep dive into the emerging trend that banks are transforming into tech companies as they [ … ]

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