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The idea of freely sharing technological information is not new.

Some say it even existed before computers. As Open Source has evolved, it has become the favored development model, allowing innovative companies to tap into worldwide intelligence so they can create products faster, among many other benefits.

The Open Source Software (OSS) movement continues growing. As source codes become more accessible and components become easier to obtain, developers are integrating them into producing medical devices, satellites, 3D printers, Virtual Reality (VR) gear, laptops and servers, to name a few. Meanwhile, enterprises — including Canon, HTC, LG Electronics, SEAGATE and TomTom — are realizing the value of this business model and joining our community.

Although the concept of Open Source remains more common in the software industry, it’s gaining traction in hardware. In 2016, the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHA) launched a certification program, declared October as Open Hardware Month and is credited with a widely-accepted definition, stating “open hardware whose design is made publicly available so anyone can study, modify, distribute, make and sell the design, or hardware based on that design.”

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Open source technology, especially Linux, has led to profound increases in capabilities across a number of key industries, while increasing overall product and service efficiency. By joining Open Invention Network, we are demonstrating our continued commitment to innovation, and supporting it with patent non-aggression in Linux.  
Hideki SanatakeExecutive Officer, Deputy Group Executive of Corporate Intellectual Properties & LegalCanon