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The OIN Linux System Definition Now Includes ExFAT

October 14, 2020 — Our announcement that exFAT is now part of the Linux System Definition continues to make international headlines as “big news” in [ … ]

Non-Aggression Patents Now Cover Android and exFAT

October 14, 2020 — The SempreUpdate in Brazil covered our Linux System Definition expansion taking a bit of a different angle to focus on the [ … ]

Linux Patent Protection Program Includes 520 New Packages

October 13, 2020 — OIN has made international headlines, including as far away as Russia.’s article, “Linux Patent Protection Program Includes 520 New Packages,” [ … ]

OIN: Safeguarding an IT Community Increasingly Reliant on Open-Source Technologies and Platforms Anchored by Linux Servers

Oct. 5, 2020 —  COVID-19 has impacted virtually everyone and every business across the globe. It has presented new challenges. And it has introduced new complications. [ … ]

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