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OIN Safeguards Open Source Software & Artificial Intelligence

September 18, 2023 — The trajectory of Machine Learning (ML) is underscored by the attributes of Open Source Software (OSS) platforms, such as Meta’s Llama

Fintech NatWest Group Joins OIN to Reduce Patent Risk

September 18, 2023 — One-way financial institutions can reduce patent risk — which is rapidly increasing in Banking & Financial Services — is

NatWest Delivers Open Source Digital Financial Services & Mobile Banking Solutions

September 12, 2023 — The financial services and fintech industries rely on Open Source technologies to deliver their services as they bring technology

United Kingdom Banking Leader — NatWest Group — Joins OIN

September 12, 2023 —  As a community, nearly 4,000 OIN members practice patent non-aggression in core Linux and adjacent Open Source technologies by

NatWest Reinforces its Commitment to Protect & Advocate Open Source Innovation

September 12, 2023 — Patent protection is crucial in safeguarding continued innovation in today’s high-tech, complex and rapidly changing world. For fintech, the

NatWest Group Joins the Open Invention Network Community

Durham, NC (September 12, 2023) – Open Invention Network (OIN), the organization formed to safeguard open source and now the largest patent non-aggression

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