A Dutch Netherlands multinational developer and creator of navigation technology and consumer electronics, TomTom International uses open source software in its products, is committed to supporting open source development and joined our community in 2010. For each product TomTom distributes, the company provides source attribution, where applicable, and publishes relevant parts of source code for its products when required by its open source license terms. 

From its establishment in 1991 through 1996, TomTom developed Business-to-Business (B2B) applications, including meter and bar-code reading technologies. Shifting its focus to Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) software for consumers, TomTom introduced early mapping software such as EnRoute, Citymaps and Routeplanner. 

The company released its first navigation product, TomTom Navigator, in 2002, for Windows CE-powered PDAs, bundled with a car cradle and Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. In 2004, it introduced TomTom GO, an all-in-one device, and launched its first satellite Personal Navigation Device (PND), creating a new consumer electronics category.