April 9, 2021 – Since establishing the company in 2004, OPPO has expanded its footprint as a  manufacturer and innovator of smart devices to over 40 countries and regions, As one of the 1st brands to launch 5G mobile globally, OPPO created a 5G innovation lab in partnership with Ericsson in 2019, followed by the world’s 1st travelling hotel in Australia and the launch of its 1st commercial 5G smartphone in Europe. Today, OPPO has filed more than 2,700 patents and VOOC flash charge — also known as Dash Charge, Warp Charge and Dart Charge — is used on more than 145,000,000 smartphones worldwide. During 2021’s 1st quarter, OPPO introduced Find x3 Pro, the world’s 1st full-path smartphone with dual-flagship billion color cameras.

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