March 5, 2024 — The Fintech Open Source Foundation’s (FINOS) 3rd -annual survey to understand the state of Open Source adoption, contribution & readiness in the financial service industry. Among its findings — 94% of organizations allow Open Source consumption; 78% see an increased value in using Open Source compared to last year and 65% of respondents report more in time & effort allocated by their companies for Open Source contributions. Since most Financial Service & Fintech platforms run on Open Source Software (OSS) or at least contain Open Source components, industry companies – from  brands you know & trust to rapidly-growing brands becoming household names – are turning to Open Invention Network to help them reduce their patent risk in Open Source and core Linux technologies. A few OIN members who represent the industry — from banks (PNC Bank, Truist, Wells Fargo) to financial service firms  (Alibaba, Equifax, WorldLine) along with Fintech businesses (Block, Stripe, Uber) & insurance companies  (Anthem, Nationwide, Prudential) understand OIN reduces their patent risks and OIN’s focus is to stifle patent trolls for its community members. Here’s the article from Patent Lawyer Magazine.

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