Leading international electronics company, with notable patent assets, enhances the OIN ecosystem with commitment to collaboration and IP non-aggression

Durham, NC (February 11, 2014) – Open Invention Network (OIN), the organization formed to promote Linux by creating a collaborative environment, announced today that JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD) has become a licensee. In doing so, JVCKENWOOD, a global manufacturer specializing in electronics and entertainment products, is demonstrating its commitment to Linux, and to driving innovation in the sound, imaging, radio communications, navigation and entertainment markets.

“Linux and open source software are tools that promote collaboration and innovation. They have sparked extraordinary new capabilities, which has helped to increase the productivity and enjoyment of users of electronics products,” said Keith Bergelt, CEO of Open Invention Network. “We are pleased to have JVCKENWOOD join the Open Invention Network community.  We applaud JVCKENWOOD’s commitment to Linux’s openness and furthering its commitment to innovation and intellectual property non-aggression.”

“Linux can be found in consumer and professional systems in use around the globe,” said Tetsuro Fuse, Vice Operating Officer of JVCKENWOOD.  “We are committed to redesigning the lifestyles of people around the world, by providing them with excitement and peace of mind. One way we create sophisticated products is by using advanced open platforms, and we are committed to ensuring their ongoing development. Joining Open Invention Network is another way we are demonstrating our commitment to open innovation and collaboration.”

Patents owned by Open Invention Network are licensed royalty-free to any company, institution or individual that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux System. The Open Invention Network license can be reviewed and signed online at http://licenses.openinventionnetwork.com/.

JVCKENWOOD is a global manufacturer specializing in electronics and entertainment products. It was reborn in October 2011 through the merger of Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) and Kenwood Corporation (Kenwood) three years after management integration. JVCKENWOOD operates four business segments, Car Electronics, Professional Systems, Optical & Audio, and Entertainment Software with image, sound, and radio technologies, as well as audio and visual software. JVCKENWOOD creates excitement and peace of mind, while aiming to achieve profitable growth and become a business group that is widely trusted by society.

About Open Invention Network
Open Invention Network is a collaborative enterprise that enables innovation in open source and an increasingly vibrant ecosystem around Linux. It does this by acquiring and licensing patents, influencing behaviors and policy, and protecting the integrity of the ecosystem through strategic programs such as Linux Defenders. OIN enables the growth and continuation of open source software by fostering a healthy Linux ecosystem of investors, vendors, developers and users.

Open Invention Network was launched in 2005 and has strong industry support with backing from Google, IBM, NEC, Philips, Red Hat, Sony and SUSE (a business unit of Novell).  For more information, visit http://www.openinventionnetwork.com.


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