Durham, NC (December 30, 2013) – Open Invention Network (OIN) announced today that it has extended its Linux-protective network to include OpenStack and other cloud computing technologies.  Specifically, it significantly expanded the technologies covered by OIN’s network of royalty-free cross-licenses and by its defensive patent portfolio.

“Cloud computing’s flexibility and scalability are enabling previously unimagined innovation and value creation,” said Keith Bergelt, CEO of Open Invention Network. “Our objective with this important extension is to support that innovation.”

Alan Clark, chairman of the board of OpenStack Foundation, remarked: “We applaud OIN’s efforts to promote patent non-aggression in the cloud by adding the OpenStack packages to its Linux System definition. The OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors appreciates that the rapidly-growing OIN community has been, and is now explicitly, supporting freedom of action in the cloud of the future that OpenStack has been formed to enable.”

This expansion will beneficially broaden OIN’s patent cross-license coverage, further encourage OIN’s over 700 community members to share Linux-related technologies and offer an incentive for Linux developers, distributors, sellers, resellers and end-users to continue to collaborate around and invest in Linux.  Linux software has become so pervasive that it now powers many every day activities, from making a phone call or credit card purchase to using cloud-based services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Patents owned by Open Invention Network are licensed royalty-free to any company, institution or individual that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux System.  The Open Invention Network license can be reviewed and signed online at http://licenses.openinventionnetwork.com/.

About Open Invention Network
Open Invention Network is a collaborative enterprise that enables innovation in open source and an increasingly vibrant ecosystem around Linux. It does this by acquiring and licensing patents, influencing behaviors and policy, and protecting the integrity of the ecosystem through strategic programs such as Linux Defenders. OIN enables the growth and continuation of open source software by fostering a healthy Linux ecosystem of investors, vendors, developers and users.

Open Invention Network was launched in 2005 and has strong industry support with backing from Google, IBM, NEC, Philips, Red Hat, Sony and SUSE (a business unit of Novell).  For more information, visit http://www.openinventionnetwork.com.


Media-Only Contact:
Ed Schauweker
Agile Public Relations for Open Invention Network