OIN’s portfolio consists of 36 global patents and applications.

In addition to the Linux System community cross-license (in a community which owns over 2.8 million patents and applications in total), OIN also purchases and develops our own strategic portfolio. In other words, members also gain royalty-free access to 36 OIN-owned patents and applications across various technology segments and geographies.

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WSO2 | OIN Community Member
FoxConn | OIN Community Member
Muratec Machinery | OIN Community Member
The Home Depot | OIN Community Member
Horiba | OIN Community Member
Formosa Plastics | OIN Community Member


“For us, joining OIN is a statement. Linux has given MTU added value that can’t be expressed in euros. We have powerful software available for designing, configuring, and producing engines and for fleet management. One especially valuable aspect is the freedom to continuously further develop and refine perfectly tailored tools and methods to design and configure our high-tech products ourselves.”

Nadia ZerelliHead of Engineering Systems, MTU Aero Engines

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