June 12, 2024 — OIN protects Linux and adjacent open source software from patent claims. Today it expands its list of packages that are covered, called the Linux System — software in which every Community Member commits not to sue each for patent infringement. With this 10th update, the Linux System now covers 4,530 packages , including popular ones such as the Linux kernel, Android platform, KVM, Git, nginx, CMake, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, QEMU, Kubernetes, KVM, Lua, LLVM, OpenJDK, WebKit, KDE , GNOME, QEMU, Firefox, LibreOffice, OpenStack, Qt, system, X.Org, Wayland, PostgreSQL, MySQL, & many more.  The number of OIN members who have signed a patent sharing license agreement is approaching 4,000 worldwide companies, communities & organizations. OpenNet shares the story. (The article is in Russian).