Aisin Corporation is based in Japan, a Global Fortune 500 business, and a Toyota Group mega supplier that develops and produces components and systems for the automotive industry. The company began in 1943 as Tokai Koku Kogyo manufacturing aircraft engines. It was subsequently renamed several times, completed multiple mergers, and expanded its product lines until it became known as Aisin Corporation in 2021. A true innovator, Aisin introduced the world’s 1st voice navigation system in 1992, the 1st parking assist system in 1999, the 1st Intelligence Parking Assist (IPA) in 2003, the 1st Real Wheel Drive (RWD) hybrid transmission in 2006, the 1st high -torque capacity Front Wheel Drive (FWD) 8-speed automatic transmission in 2006 and the 1st RWD 10-speed automatic transmission in 2017. Based on technologies and manufacturing expertise cultivated in the automotive parts industry, Aisin has continued to expand its business to include manufacturing energy- and lifestyle-related products, such as audio equipment and personal mobility solutions. The company employs 120,000 people worldwide, including its 207 consolidated subsidiaries.

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