December 30, 2022 — Dealmakers conducts an in-depth interview with OIN’s CEO, Keith Bergelt, who lives at the center of an open world. Significant changes in tack are taking place in Big Tech, where some giants embrace Open source models while others sell their patent portfolios, leading some to wonder if the fundamental relevance of patents and their future value in the space is shifting. “Coopetition has never been more effectively realized than in Open Source,” says Bergelt. “We cooperate to compete more effectively. And if we don’t cooperate, then it’s going to cost us a tremendous amount of money.” The tension of living with the duality of open and proprietary can be difficult for Intellectual Property (IP) directors he says, explaining a proprietary approach to software IP as brittle — hard lines that can be easily fractured — while an open model is more supple, able to adapt faster and realize innovation without legal conflict, letting the best products win in the marketplace. Read more in LINE, a new publication that covers the intersection of technology, finance and law.

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