For over 30 years, SMART Technologies, Inc. — a leading provider of collaboration solutions — has helped educators and enterprises succeed all over the world. Known as the innovator of interactive whiteboards, displays and presentation clickers, the company introduced the world’s first “Smart Board®,” in 1991, developed and later patented its Digital Vision Touch technology (DViT), created the SMART Notebook® and invented the most popular collaborative learning software, as part of the SMART Learning Suite. SMART Technologies interconnected displays, software and accessories are used in more than 3 million classrooms.

One of Calgary, Canada’s largest non-oil and gas business success stories, SMART Technologies grew from a husband- and-wife startup into a global business with sales in 170 countries, and at one time, just under $800 million in annual revenues. The company — along with many others — experienced and survived, a downturn during the global recession. In 2016, Foxconn, a Taiwanese company which claims to be the largest electronics maker in the world, acquired SMART for $200 million with plans to position SMART for significant future growth.