OIN welcomes Amber Baldet and Patrick Nielson, co-founders of Clovyr —a new startup that aims to help consumers, developers and businesses explore world of blockchain-based, decentralized technologies — into our community. Their product, now under development, will be “something akin to an app store, where people and businesses can experiment with a multitude of decentralized apps and services, developer toolsets and underlying distributed ledgers,” according to an article in Fortune. The cofounders envision an ecosystem of applications and services — almost all open source —that empowers teams of all sizes to experiment and iterate more quickly, bring products to market that will run in a cloud or in an on-premises production environment, and enable new features as needs change, reducing potential rework and driving down the cost of innovation.

Clovyr will develop applications which make it easier to be smart about how data is collected, stored and disclosed, satisfy GDPR requirements, simplify the creation of privacy-preserving zero-knowledge substantiations and allow meaningful analysis of private data sets.

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