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Technology. Passion. Supporting the Globe. The “EBARA Way” Aims to Fulfill its Mission

Since it was founded in 1912, the EBARA Group has provided essential social infrastructure, supporting industry and life around the world.  It has also continued

Helping Worldwide Individuals and Businesses Reduce Energy Costs

Since 1981, SMA Solar Technology AG has been producing and manufacturing new technologies to help its nearly 200 global clients save on energy costs by

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The Linux Foundation Launches LF Energy to Improve Worldwide Renewable Energy and Grid Modernization

July 12, 2018The Linux Foundation— a partner of Open Invention Network and the organization of choice for the world’s

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Why the Open Charge Alliance is Joining the Open Invention Network

April 25, 2017 – By joining OIN, the Open Charge Alliance (OCA) is demonstrating its commitment to Open Source Software (OSS) as an enabler of

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