Alibaba Pictures Group is a Chinese film company under Alibaba Group. The film company was formerly ChinaVision Media, of which Alibaba Group bought a majority stake in late 2014 and subsequently renamed the company. By April 2015, Alibaba Pictures became recognized as the largest Chinese film company by worth, with a market value of $8.77 billion dollars. By June of the same year, it reached $9.6 billion.

Alibaba Pictures’ success is not limited to mainland China. In its 1st domestic release See You Tomorrow, the company combined both mainland Chinese and Hong Kong values, reaching both audiences in new ways and saw “the ongoing mainlandization of Hong Kong’s filmmaking practice and the corresponding Hong Kongification of contemporary Chinese popular cinema,” according to Mark Gallagher, author of Alibaba Goes to the Movies

Then, in 2015, Alibaba Pictures’ made its 1st investment in the United States movie industry with Mission: Impossible -Rouge Nation. In 2016, Alibaba Group — the company which Alibaba Pictures operates under — partnered with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners, an American film production company, making international headlines. In 2019, Alibaba Pictures financed 23 films, accounting for 1/5th of China’s total box office sales, according to Alizila, an Alibaba news outlet.

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