January 18, 2022 —  OIN — which aims to protect the Linux ecosystem from patent claims — expands its list of packages that are subject to a patent-free agreement and the provision of the possibility of royalty-free use of certain patented technologies. OpenNet covers the story from Russia. The list of distribution components that fall under the definition of the Linux System — which is covered by the agreement between more than 3,600 OIN participants and was last updated in December 2020 — has been expanded to 337 packages. Of the new packages included in the list are the .Net platform, the standard Musl and uClibc-ng C libraries, the Nix package manager, the OpenEmbedded platform, the Prometheus monitoring system, the mbed-tls crypto library, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), automotive distribution services, ONNX, tvm , Helm, Notary, Istio, CoreOS, SPDX, AGL Services, OVN, FuseSoc, Verilator, Flutter, Jasmine, Weex, NodeRED, Eclipse Paho, Californium, Cyclone and Wakaama, among others. (Article in Russian)

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