Digital Transformation Influences Open Source Innovation

Customers are demanding the flexibility of Open Source solutions from every industry; Insurance firms have caught on.

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Global competition. Scalability. Data mobility. These — among other factors — are causing insurance companies to follow other leaders in Banking & Financial Services by turning towards Open Source & patent non-aggression.

Patent wars in Fintech are not just inevitable but are already happening & disputes between top financial organizations have forced Banks and Financial Services companies to rethink their patent strategies. They’re reconsidering their approach to patent defense. They must. They have billions of investment capital at stake & the industry is experiencing increased exposure to more patent disputes — Financial Services industry patent litigation by Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) — from 2020 to 2021 — grew more than 100%, almost 3 times more than the next closest sector, which grew 35%.

The insurance industry realizes Open Source solutions are the only way to stay competitive, scale products, climb the ecosystem to actualize digital applications & foster data mobility. As such, insurance companies around the world are catching on, sharing this philosophy & moving forward with other industry leaders. They, too, are seeking solutions to protect their patent risks, are turning towards patent non-aggression, relying on Open Source — and are joining our community.

Here’s a look at a few Insurance firms that have joined OIN.

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What Our Banking & Financial Members Say

Alibaba and Ant congratulate Open Invention Network on this impressive milestone. OIN has taken a leadership role and worked tirelessly to improve intellectual property protection for Linux system and open source software. Alibaba and Ant look forward to continued partnership with OIN and the international open source community to foster innovation and reduce IP risks.  
Roger Shang - Alibaba Group Senior Legal Director // Benjamin Bai - Ant Group VP of Intellectual Property